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april is the cruelest month,

stop swallowing your sadness shot by shot, stop winking back with whiskey-breath and a chip on your shoulder, it's not a stranger's fault just because you find one in the mirror every morning. stop waiting and wanting and do something instead, learn to do it well, and better than well, stop drinking your ambitions into vague absurdities. what you do isn't who you are- now doesn't have to mean forever
it's just that by the time you've decided you've made the wrong decision, it's probably too late to turn back so hey, move forward blindly instead, make a decision and turn to the corresponding page and don't keep your finger held on the last one you left: eyes closed, arms outstretched, keep a packed suitcase in the back of your car. paint your face with mud and stones, braid your hair with flowers, keep honey-sticks in your pocket, dress yourself up like a doll and imagine someone else pulling the strings. lie to yourself every morning with different fictional-futures and sing yourself to sleep at night, tonight and tomorrow and every night after.
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